Missile Farm started with no pre-farm nor pre-sale. $MSI are minted linearly starting from April 2021 and will end approximately during November 2021.

To ensure fair distribution of $MSI, only vault users will be able to mine $MSI tokens in addition to the yields from auto-compounding vaults.

Token Distribution

Max Supply:

2,000,000 $MSI

Initial Supply:

400,000 $MSI

Minting rate:

46,080 $MSI/day at first 15 days (Total of 691,200 $MSI)

5,000 $MSI/day until all 2,000,000 are minted

Distribution duration: 197 days

Farm start: 9 AM April 25th UTC

Percentage Breakdown:

Missile Farm Tokenomics
  • ~80% are available for the vault token mining program

  • ~20% are dedicated to the team to ensure sustainable and rapid innovation