MissileFarm is a yield farming aggregator running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

The DApp (Decentralised Application) was designed with the purpose of optimizing DeFi (Decentralised Finance) users' yields as they interact with the other DApps in the DeFi space.

Missile Farm was initiated on Binance Smart Chain with no pre-farm, no pre-sales and with the goal of optimizing DeFi users' yield farming at the lowest possible cost (All APY & APRs shown have already included fees).


Missile Farm Vaults is a yield optimizer platform focused on providing DeFi users with auto-compounded yields at empirical optimal intervals, whilst pooling gas costs through battle-tested smart contract code and best-in-class yield optimizing strategies. Missile Farm uses a proprietary dynamic harvesting optimizer to enable the highest APYs on our vaults.

Do less, earn more

Let your assets work harder for you. Known as dynamic harvesting, Missile Farm compounds staked assets in our vaults automatically by using algorithmically profitable strategies at optimal compounding intervals. This custom optimizing function was built in-house to enable only the best yields for Missile Farm users.

Compounding events on Missile Farm occur on a daily basis, reaching a frequency of up to 170x a day for certain vaults. This automated process makes it possible for users to reap greater yields with a fraction of the effort required as there is no need for manual harvesting on any individual farming pools.

Together, Missile Farm’s compounding strategies maximize APYs across multiple different yield farming protocols to achieve the most efficient capital returns. Users can just sit back, relax, and leave the hard work to us.

Lowest fees

As farmers ourselves, we understand the pain of giving up our profits for pesky fees. That’s why when we built Missile Farm, we were committed to having the lowest fees on the market. At x%, Missile Farm users enjoy some of the cheapest fees for a yield optimizer in the entire BSC ecosystem.

Fees on Missile Farm consist of one-off deposit fees that make up less than 6% of users’ initial capital, while withdrawal fees are x%. All stated APYs on the Missile Farm platform have already taken fees into consideration, so there are no hidden costs involved. What you see is what you get.

Low fees on Missile Farm are possible in part due to the socialization of gas costs during compounding events by pooling together user deposits. This enables maximum efficiency and lowers costs incurred on gas.

Earn $MSI

By yield farming in Missile Farm vaults, users can also earn Missile Farm’s native token, $MSI, on top of what they already earn from yield farming. Vaults on Missile Farm each have a unique MSI multiplier that determines the amount of $MSI distributed accordingly.

$MSI is supported by robust tokenomics that caps the maximum supply at 2,000,000 $MSI. A buyback and burn mechanism from vault profits is adopted to gradually reduce the $MSI supply which in turn drives up the value of $MSI, benefitting all token holders.

The roadmap for $MSI includes receiving fees from cross-chain vaults and DEX aggregator and a governance system.

Steadfast vision

The team at Missile Farm is dedicated to the growth of Missile Farm brand and ecosystem. This means continuously innovating, creating better products, and improving the overall user experience. It is our goal to be a chain-agnostic yield optimizer so users can reap the full benefits of compounding with Missile Farm, across the entire DeFi (Decentralised Finance) space.